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Google Search Results Page Design Receives an Update

By December 5, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The Google search results page will no longer look the same. The search giant has introduced some noticeable changes to the design to the page. There is now a rounded search bar on the top of the page and it stays there even when you scroll down. The new design has been in testing for several months.

What is New?

The main changes in the new Google search results page include:

  • A rounded search bar. Earlier it was a box-like search bar.
  • A header-based search bar. The search bar will appear on the top when you scroll down to see the search results. The search bar wouldn’t stick on the top in the earlier design.

Apparently, Google has introduced the design only to its desktop version. The mobile version hasn’t yet received the update.

Is it Still ‘Simple’?

Google is one of the most successful proponents of the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) design principle. In fact, the principle can be considered as the cornerstone of its success (not to forget its sophisticated algorithms that have made its search results so useful to the searchers). It will take some time to assess whether the latest design changes will also stand out for ease of use and simplicity that Google has long been known for.

Overall, the new design has a different feel. Since the search bar is now more accessible, it is expected to further increase search volume.

The Testing Phase

Google began testing the new design for its desktop search results UI back in August. The test phase was apparently limited to a small percentage of users. Many of the users who came across the new UI shared screenshots online. It was also expected that the search giant was rolling out the design at that time, which was not the case though. Majority of the searchers were still seeing the old interface.

This time, Google has officially confirmed that it is rolling out the update to the Google search results UI.

Feedbacks from Users

Users have already targeted logging in their feedbacks on the new UI change. Google Web Search Help forums are fast getting populated with new threads, all of which are being grouped together.

It is apparent that Google has been testing the new design update for long. So it is expected that it is going to stay here for some time.

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