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Google Sends Warnings to Non-Mobile Friendly Sites

By February 11, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Sends Warnings to Non-Mobile Friendly Sites 1

Google recently sent out warning notifications to several webmasters whose web pages weren’t mobile friendly. The messages were sent through email and Google Webmaster Tools’ notifications. So if your site or web pages aren’t mobile friendly, you could notice significant drop in rankings.

Make your web Pages Mobile Friendly

The notifications and messages have also indicated that if your web pages aren’t mobile-friendly, they will be ranked lower on mobile devices. Many webmasters have reported that they have received such warning messages from the search giant. But the best thing about the new update from Google is that you will take the necessary steps for ensuring that your online marketing strategy is strengthened.

A Positive Message

Today more people browse the web on their mobile than on desktops, and if you are serious about your brand, you will have to adapt. In fact, businesses should have updated their sites even before Google send this notification out to them.

It has been a few months since Google introduced the “mobile-friendly” labels, but many brands have failed to adopt the strategy yet. The warnings are another indicator that the search giant continues to upgrade its mobile algorithm.

New Mobile Algorithm

Many in the industry are hinting that Google may be busy developing a new mobile algorithm. It is probably in the testing phase now and if it is released in the future, brands will be forced to invest a lot. Therefore, it makes all the sense to take action now and ensure that all the pages on your site are mobile friendly.

Investment Concerns

Creating mobile friendly sites is relatively expensive. It involves a lot of planning and testing with regard to the user experience part, especially keeping in mind that there are many mobile platforms across the horizon. But the fact is that if Google is sending out warnings, and if you are serious about your search rankings, you will have to upgrade your site.

The choice of the strategy will depend mostly on your target marketplace. You may focus on device based or template based strategy or you may want to implement responsive design. If you need more information about updating your website to meet the latest Google requirements, it will be best to get in touch with the experts who can guide you with the right strategy. You can get in touch with the industry leading professionals in website optimisation at