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Google Shopping: Your Best Tool this Holiday Shopping Season

By November 28, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The holiday shopping season has already started. It is that time of the year when you want to start planning for the hottest sales. There are many reasons why Google Shopping should be at the top of the list when deciding which paid search campaigns to follow. It is the king in its segment and the best thing is that it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Google Shopping for Retail Advertisers

Google Shopping accounts for 87% of all the non-brand based paid search clicks on Google. The overall figures stand at 61%. Make sure to follow these tips when using this tool to run your paid search campaigns:

  • Keep track of your products that drive the most traffic
  • Track the products that get the most orders
  • Mine query reports to gain information about potential negatives
  • You should also learn about the variations in Google Shopping that have been gaining more prevalence in search results

Showcase Shopping Ads

Showcase Shopping Ads have undergone significant growth in recent times. It contributed around 1.6% of the phone Shopping clicks in the last quarter of 2017. Its share has grown to over 5% in the last quarter of this year. It is important to create Showcase campaigns because the search giant is showing them more often in search results. You can also find Showcase Ads along with conventional Google Shopping units in some cases.

Local Inventory Ads

This variation is also going to play an important role in helping drive traffic this holiday season. It can be used to inform your target audience to know when their desired product is available for pickup in the nearest store. The units have also noticed significant growth over the year. For example the Local Inventory Ad share for Shopping traffic for different devices grew at the following rate:

Device Type                Q3 2017          Q3 2018

  • Phone             9%                   20%
  • Desktop          4%                   23%
  • Tablet             5%                   15%

No matter what strategies have been used by retailers, the share of traffic from this variation has shown growth during the holiday shopping season.

So if you want to drive more traffic and sales this holiday shopping season, make sure to invest your time and effort in Google Shopping. Since the platform has evolved significantly in recent times, you will need the help of an expert. It is recommended to visit for more information and to find the help of an experienced Google Shopping professional service.