Google Shopping has had the highest median retailer share among all PLA based site orders in June 2017. The share was around 14%. The growing importance of Google Shopping can be determined easily from the fact that the share was 5% in 2015. This means that advertisers in Europe and the United States rely in a big way on this platform for driving searchers to your brands, products and services.


There are many reasons why Google Shopping is the No. 1 choice for advertisers.

  • It offers a clean UI
  • The intuitive editor makes it much simpler to create and manage ads
  • API makes it even easier to use
  • Bid levers are provided for a wide range of attributes including past site visitor, device type and geographic location among others

Thus, Google Shopping helps you generate more ROI on your ad spends. It means optimisation of ad spend and your brand presence within PLA ads.

Conventional comparison shopping engines are nowhere near Google in terms of the tools they offer. Google Shopping offers much more advanced tools for management and reporting.

Reasons for Choosing Google Shopping

There are many more reasons why retailers find Google Shopping the perfect platform for advertising.

  • Google Shopping campaigns let you to land on top of the page and get priority placement in front of your target audience.
  • Multiple products can be managed through a feed as product info is picked up directly from the store feed.
  • When you launch new products, there is no need to create dedicated banners. You can instantly start marketing.
  • Google Shopping helps in generating better qualified leads. It provides more relevant product information, helping boost the quality of your leads.

No matter whether you have a large or small inventory, Google Shopping campaigns are beneficial for businesses of all sizes and types. Even when you have a large number of products, it is easy to manage your campaigns. All you have to do is to ensure that the product titles, descriptions and attributes are correct. Google will decide the relevant keywords based on the data feed.

As Google Shopping continues to grow in importance, retailers cannot ignore it. Other comparison shopping engines can take a lot of time to come close to Google in terms of effectiveness and ROI. For more information about running successful campaigns, it is recommended to visit Here you can also find expert help from experienced professionals.