What are Google Shopping Listings?

Google shopping listings are the product ads that appear on Google’s first page when you type in a query. They are the listings with an image of a particular product and price next to them.

You pay once somebody has seen your product and clicked it. This means they generally want or like the product before they have clicked it. For products the message is often in the image or technical specification so the prospective customer will see all this and have the option to buy directly from a Google search.

This simple process is known to get you huge ROI from your AdWords campaign, but only when its done correctly.

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No long term contracts

We don’t believe in the need to tie you down! We want you to stay out of choice – because you want to, not because you have to.

What We Do

Your feed is the most important part of Google shopping, we can optimise this feed to allow you to appear under more terms. If the feed that is automatically generated from your website provides errors it may need to be amended.

We will attempt to amend this as much as possible but you may need to go back to your web development team to get this redeveloped. We can help you with this process.

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Why you need to be using Google Premier Partner

A Google partner and Bing accredited professional, working on your account, will stop money being wasted on clicks by filtering search terms and managing bids carefully. Most of the time, a client saves much more money than the small management fee of hiring a professional to oversee their campaign. We estimate a client will save around 60 hours of their own time each month.

A Google partner is always up to date with the latest AdWords features and can seamlessly integrate them into your account. Furthermore, we have direct contacts within Google via the partners program to accelerate any issues and Beta test new features.

A professional is more likely to create quality ads and generate higher quality scores. This means, you receive higher positions on the page at a lower cost per click.

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