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Google Shopping Update: New Assortment Report for Retailers

By October 9, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Shopping Update: New Assortment Report for Retailers 1

If you are using Google Shopping, there is good news for you for the holiday season. The search giant has released an update to its Google Merchant Center in the form of the new Shopping Assortment Report for retailers. You will now be able to view the most popular products being searched on Google which are not within your feed. Now you can search based on product category and find out which products can drive more profits. In other words, you will now be able to identify products that should be in your feed. What can be better than knowing which products have greater demand?

Sell Right – Sell More

The new Assortment Report will evaluate data from the past 2 weeks and base the ranking on user clicks and several other factors. It will assess data from your targeted country. Now you can use the report to determine the products which are not already carrying in your stock.

How Does Assortment Report Work?

Assortment Report will display only those products for which you didn’t get clicks in the last 2 weeks. But it will not show the brands which are offered by a single merchant. Using the report is easy – just filter the information by selecting a product category. It will display only those categories for which you are receiving ad impressions. Explore the list of all the categories from this Google’s Product Taxonomy.

Benefits of Assortment Report

Assortment Report displays the most popular products on Google Shopping which you are not advertising. There are many benefits of using this report:

  • Start Selling the Right Products – The report tells you the products which are most popular. So you will be able to add new products/brands to your stock. You can filter the products based on category, so that you can target your niche segment.
  • Right Pricing – You can set a maximum of 5 benchmark prices against each product. The data can also give you valuable insights into the context of the products. This further helps in pricing the products you want to promote on Google Shopping.

Assortment Report – Types of Information

The Google Assortment Report provides the following information:

  • Rank – It shows the popularity of the product on Google Shopping. This depends on the number of clicks and many other factors.
  • Brand – The manufacturer of the product.
  • Image – Sample main image from the image link added by merchants.
  • Description – Sample description of product added by merchants.
  • Title – Sample title of the product added by merchants.
  • Google Product Category
  • Benchmark Prices

You can also generate the report for multiple countries. The Report is available in CSV format.

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