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Google Silently Rolls Out Core Ranking Algorithm Update

By January 14, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google has silently released a major ranking algorithm update and it has brought significant changes in website rankings. The search giant confirmed that the changes that webmasters have seen in the last few days weren’t the Penguin update. It was a core ranking algorithm update. Many webmasters noticed it and claimed that a major update was underway. Google has been well known for keeping silent on its core algorithm updates. The last time they confirmed such an update was over 8 months ago.

Delayed Penguin Update

Everyone including webmasters and search marketers have been waiting for the big Penguin update. It is expected that it will roll out by the end of this month. This is one of the main reasons why everyone thought that this was a Penguin-based update. But a closer look at the changes proved that this was not Penguin. It was believed that it may be a core search algorithm update or even a Panda-based update.

Google has now integrated Panda as part of its core search algorithm.

Google Panda’s Integration into Core Ranking Algorithm

The UK’s top search engine has had already integrated Panda into its core ranking algorithm. So you will no longer see Panda updates being announced separately. It is a major anti-spam algorithm from Google which was launched first in 2011. In fact, it is not known when the search engine made this integration. Panda is used to consider account and site quality and make adjustments to the ranking accordingly.

This means that you will no longer hear Panda updates being released. Panda v4.2 was the last update.

Panda Updates

There are however many questions that need to be answered with regard to Panda’s updates. One of the most important one is whether the core ranking algorithm update will occur in real time (the last Panda update was to roll out over several months).

The current core ranking algorithm update doesn’t seem to be happening in real time. In fact, many webmasters and SEOs have said that they noticed certain Panda signals too in it.

According to some it is estimated that the Panda-core ranking algorithm update took place in the last months of 2015. But Google didn’t give the slightest hint when this happened.

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