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Google Starts Indexing Apps in Search Results

By June 2, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Starts Indexing Apps in Search Results 1

Most businesses haven’t yet launched any app. But Google is already indexing Android apps similar to websites. Search results will now display deep links to apps in search results. This will now allow searchers to land on the content in your app that they are looking for.

Importance of App Indexing – With app results becoming a part of Google search, the dynamics of mobile search is going to undergo a major change.

Improved Search Experience

App indexing means that the overall scope of search potential and experience has broadened. Both search results and experience will improve with more and more indexing.

Google’s Improved Ad Revenue

The new feature will help the search giant increase its ad revenues and gain access to a larger market share. Especially, Google will be able to sell more in-app ads.

With this development, it has become important for every business owner to not only have an app, but also to get it indexed. It shouldn’t just be any app, it must be an Android app. iOS apps can also get indexed, but there are certain reservations.

It is easy to get it indexed. There are several guides that allow you to get indexed. If you want to index your iOS app, make the most of this unique app indexing guide developed by the search giant.

Google – New Place for Mobile Marketers

With the new feature in place, Google is going to become the hot target for mobile marketers. While SEOs are going to focus on identifying the areas where they can improve mobile results, conversion experts will be working on improving conversion optimization potential on mobile.

While developers will become busy finding and creating better connections between websites and apps, others are going to create new strategies to get the most out of mobile users.

With the new development, it is almost certain that mobile is going to become the big thing in marketing in the near future. The app indexing feature comes just after a month or so of Google releasing its mobile-friendly algorithm. It has not only increased the importance of mobile marketing, it has put Google in a dominant position to play in the “future of online marketing.”

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