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Google Starts Rolling Out AMP Listings in Mobile Search Results

By February 24, 2016 No Comments

The guys at Google have been quite busy lately. Last week the search engine launched accelerated mobile pages (AMP) in its search results. AMP listings can now be seen in mobile search results by an increasing number of users. It appears that Google is rolling them out widely and you can check if it has reached you by running a simple search for any query.

What is the AMP Project?

‘Accelerated mobile pages’ is an open source initiative focused on improving performance of mobile web. You can see them as the lighter version of mobile web running on a renewed version of HTML

AMP HTML has certain limitations for reliable performance. It also has certain extension to build richer content beyond the standard HTML. These pages are delivered by the Google AMP Cache.

The advantage with AMP HTML is that pages developed on it can load much faster than non-AMP pages. Google claims that these pages can be 15-85% faster than their non-accelerated pages.

So AMP benefits both publishers and users. Publishers can experience potential improvements in search rankings and users can enjoy faster loading mobile pages. These three factors are considered to help boost search rankings in Google:

  • Mobile friendliness
  • Speed of the website
  • User experience

And AMP pages excel in all of them.

AMP Label

AMP was announced just a couple of months ago. It was expected at the time that the pages will be launched with the label “fast” along with them, just like the “mobile friendly” label. However, Google has not done anything as such.

If Google is going to give a label to these pages, it would make more sense if it is given a label that can be understood by the normal users. It would have been best if the search engine had given it a simple and easy-to-understand label like ‘fast’. Users would have been encouraged to access the AMP pages.

As the project rolls out, users will no longer have to deal with slow and clunky mobile pages. At the same time, it gives publishers the opportunity to boost their SEO. Faster and mobile optimised pages mean better SEO rankings and improved targeted traffic.

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