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The latest changes in Google mobile results show that the search giant has begun testing its mobile first index. There is no official statement and it is not clear whether the update is limited to mobile. But big changes have been noticed specifically to mobile Google search results.

The changes have been noticed on all the major mobile specific tracking tools.

Google Mobile-first Index & the Challenges

Rankings in Google’s mobile-first index are expected to depend on the difference between the mobile and desktop versions of a site. According to the search engine, other ‘quality’ factors will remain the same for evaluating responsive websites.

But websites with different mobile and desktop URLs are expected to be handled separately. The authority signals from a mobile website are usually smaller compared to the signals from a desktop website. This is especially due to the difference in backlink profile of the two types of sites.

Google is expected to be running the current tests to resolve these differences.

Another challenge to mobile indexing is that there are mobile websites that carry only a part of the content or functionality on the respective desktop sites.

A safe option for business owners is to have a responsive site. If your business relies on organic search traffic, it is time to switch to a responsive site.

Future of Mobile-First & Search Console

With mobile-first indexing, Google is expected to determine your site’s overall search ranking based on the signals from your mobile site. The search engine is running tests now, as noticed from different tracking tools, but it is expected that the major change will be released fully next year.

It is expected that the importance of Google Search Console will increase significantly in the future. It is the only place where the search giant communicates about a websites performance. But this will require you to have a Search Console account first.

You will also have to verify that you are managing your websites. There are 5 verification methods and you can choose any one of them.

Search Console offers a wide range of tools including Search Analytics. Average ranking is a feature that provides you accurate information about your site’s performance in Google search results pages (SERPs).

You can also connect your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts, which will provide you more comprehensive data. Similarly, your Google AdWords account can also be linked to your Google Search Console account.

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