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Google Unveils Inbox App for Heavy Gmail Users

By October 31, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Unveils Inbox App for Heavy Gmail Users 1

Google has unveiled its new Inbox app for Android and iOS, which could be seen as more of a combination of Gmail and Google Now. The email app has been in the making for many years and is designed to simplify how you receive emails in your device. The new product was introduced by Sundar Pichai, the VP of Google, as a “different  type of inbox” from Gmail.

The Design Concept behind Google Inbox

According to Google, the app is currently in private beta and has many features that leave Gmail behind. The basic concept behind designing this app was to allow users to focus more on what actually matters rather than getting distracted by useless notifications. “Inbox by Gmail” will give you snapshot of the important content in your email in the Highlights section. it is similar to the glance view in Google Now.

Features of Google Inbox

You will be able to view emails with photos in Highlights as thumbnail previews.

Google Unveils Inbox App for Heavy Gmail Users 2

  • Bundles – Google Inbox has “Bundles”, which could be seen as a development on the email segregation Google launched last year in Gmail. The app automatically categorises all the emails into Bundles like Travel, Social, and Purchases. Custom Bundles could be created from tags or you could group messages to create Bundles.
  • Reminders – You can create your own Reminders in Inbox. Using the Assists tool you can get all the relevant information required for completing the task. Reminders can perform actions like finding phone numbers or website URLs. Once the task is completed, this feature will bring it to the forefront.
  • Snooze – Snooze reminders, emails and other actions. If you received an email that you don’t want to act on until you reach your office, you could snooze it. When your device finds that you have reached the location, the app will message will reappear.
  • Inbox Interface -“Inbox by Gmail” has a small but useful interface too.

The Google Inbox app is available on iOS, Android and for desktop as well, and it can sync across all these platforms. The beta is invitation only, but there are rumors that invitations are being sold on eBay. If Gmail plays a significant role in your daily work routine, Inbox can prove to be a useful app that helps you focus on what “really matters.”

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