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Google Unveils New Efficiency-Enhancing AdWords Tools

By November 11, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Unveils New Efficiency-Enhancing AdWords Tools 1

Google is currently focused on bringing efficient and scalable workflow management in AdWords. The new measures will help you save time in managing different tasks by using more basic workflows. The workflow tools from Google are divided into 3 main areas:

Bulk Editing

You want to be able to manage several campaign tasks from within your AdWords UI. Google has introduced new tools that allow you to perform bulk editing for your settings. You could edit the settings for ad rotation or location targeting across different campaigns. You may also edit extensions such as callouts, sitelinks and apps for promoting your special deals across any number of ad groups.

You could also use other bulk workflows for scaling your tasks. The copy-paste feature allows you to instantly copy over your current keyword lists, ad groups and ads into new campaigns.

New Tools Bulk Uploading of Changes

As an advertiser, you are always looking for easier ways for making instant offline changes in your spreadsheets which could then be applied into AdWords. The major improvements allowing bulk uploading are as following:

  • Better spreadsheet formats
  • Preview updates and check errors
  • Contextual options for uploading changes into the right campaigns

This update allows you to upload the latest keywords into your ad groups with just a few clicks. You can also check your budget across multiple campaigns and preview the changes before they are posted.

Custom Changes

Google Unveils New Efficiency-Enhancing AdWords Tools 2

Google brings more advanced tools so that you could make more custom changes in your AdWords account. Using AdWords Scripts for MCC you can perform more complex and custom changes over several accounts. Changes could be made across accounts using basic JavaScript code. Other functions include:

  • Create custom reports
  • Integrate data with Google Spreadsheets
  • Send out automated e-mails

An increasing number of advertisers are using the tool to perform custom ad text changes for their customer accounts. It is helping them improve relevance, ad performance and save time. Advertisers are using AdWords Scripts for inserting sitelinks into ad units and changing their landing pages dynamically.

Google is constantly adding new tools to make things faster and more efficient for advertisers. Keep checking this section for new updates in AdWords and other ad programs. If you need more information about the latest strategies for succeeding with your AdWords campaign, it is recommended to visit