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Google Unveils TrueView for Shopping Ads for YouTube

By May 27, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Unveils TrueView for Shopping Ads for YouTube 1

Now retailers will be able to promote their products alongside their videos on YouTube. The new version of product listing ads will be integrated with the Goole Merchant Center. They will be displayed alongside video ads on both desktop and mobile platforms. When users will click on the ads, they will be redirected to the merchant site. The program has been named as TrueView.

Although it will take a few months for the new feature to roll out, all the advertisers with Google rep could start it immediately.

Dynamic Remarketing

Advertisers will have to link their video campaign with a feed within the Merchant Center. They will also have to setup the cards. Once this is done, the products will be added dynamically to the in-stream videos. The underlying targeted features will include:

  • Contextual signals
  • audience signals like demographics and geography

It will also be possible to use dynamic remarketing for displaying ads relevant to the products users viewed on the advertiser site. This is extending the scope of dynamic remarketing.

Custom Call to Action

Advertisers will also have control over what information their audiences view in the product ads. Most importantly, they will be able to customise the call to action. You could opt to display or hide prices too.

Currently there is no option for merchant promotions or product ratings in TrueView, and there is no information as to when and if Google will be making them available.

Enhanced Branding & Conversion Metrics

YouTube conducted the initial tests on a few brands and Sephora and Wayfair were amongst them. Wayfair noticed significant boost in revenue per impression rate. The company said that it almost tripled over its previous campaigns.

According to Sephora, its average view time increased 80% and rose to around 2 minutes. Besides, TrueView product ads helped improve the ad recall by 54%.

As already mentioned, the TrueView for Shopping program hasn’t started yet for most advertisers. However, those who have a Google account rep could ask for instant initiation. According to Google, the feature will be made available on the front-end interface in Google AdWords.

The addition of the new feature will make the AdWords program even more sophisticated. It could make it difficult for website owners to promote their business on the advanced program. Do you need information about advertising on Google AdWords? It is recommended to learn from the experts. Visit for more information.