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Google is regularly updating its algorithms to deliver optimal search results. The latest change at the search engine company is that searches will now correspond to user location and not domain. This is an interesting change and it is worth considering why the search giant wasn’t practicing this earlier. Google claims that the reason it has had not made this change earlier was because still only 1 in 5 searches are location-based.

It is also interesting that Google has made an official announcement in this regard – a deviation from its usual routine.

What the Changes Mean?

So far Google would search its searchers through their country code top level domain name or ccTLD. In simple terms, it was using URL like “” to indicate searches relevant to the UK. With the new change, it will strictly run the searches based on where the searcher is located.

So if your consumer is searching for your products in the UK, they will receive the country service for the UK. When they travel to France, their search results will automatically change to the service for France.

The change has been introduced on the desktop, Google apps, mobile web, and Maps.

But searchers are still allowed to change their search settings and choose the country service they want to set permanently.

According to Google, the change will further help improve search experience.

Does it Change the Way Google Search Works?

The update is going to only change the way how Google’s services get labeled. It will not actually change how Google Search and Maps work. It will also not affect the legal aspects.

Earlier, searchers could type their respective country domain into the browser to get the respective country services. However, typing “” into the browser in another country will no longer serve you UK services.

Searchers will also be able to view the country service that they are currently receiving. This change will also maintain consistency with Google’s other services including Gmail, YouTube, Google Earth and Blogger, among others.

If you want to fix the proper country service, you can simply set it from Google’s settings section.

The new change will help make Google search results both relevant and more local and will also have some influence on SEO campaigns.

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