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Google Updates International Targeting Webmaster Tools Reporting

By November 27, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

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Organisations that promote their business internationally must ensure that their content gets properly translated. This can enhance the way your prospects interact with your content and thus increase the chances of them becoming your customers or clients. The International Targeting Hreflang Webmaster Tools Reporting is an important component in the identification and debugging of incorrect hreflang values and missing return links – the issues common with hreflang annotations. Google has recently updated this tool without making a buzz about it.

According to Google, it has updated the “accuracy” of the tool’s International Targeting section.

The International Targeting Tool

Google Updates International Targeting Webmaster Tools Reporting 2

The International Targeting tool was launched by the search giant back in July this year as part of the Google Webmaster Tools. It helps in identifying and debugging missing return links and inaccurate hreflang values. In the new update, it has further advanced the accuracy of its reporting.

Webmasters SEOs noted a significant change in the graph, and later learned that the tool has been updated without any official declaration. Later the company released a statement that it has “refined” the accuracy for the reporting of hreflang tags, and that this could show significant changes in the report graph.

An easy way to notice the changes is to look for a blue and red line.

  • Blue Line – It stands for the hreflang tags found by Google on a specific site;
  • Red Line – It stands for the number of hreflang tags with issues.

It has had been updated for more than a week now and very few webmasters have been able to notice it.

Should you be Concerned

Google Updates International Targeting Webmaster Tools Reporting 3

You should be concerned about any major changes in the graph if your business is focused on several countries and languages. Others will also see similar changes, but will not have to worry as long as they don’t target international customers. The reporting tool is quite useful for those large-scale sites that implement hreflang across a significant number of web pages. The tool makes it easier and quicker to learn about issues, so that they can be instantly addressed.

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