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Google Updates Web Designer with new Integrations and Tools

By September 12, 2014 January 24th, 2020 No Comments

It was only a year ago that Google introduced Web Designer, making it easier for everyone to build highly interactive HTML5 sites (and even ads). The tool received many updates over the year, but recently Google brought a major update that adds many new features to it.

New Updates for Advertisers

According to Google, ads developed on Web Designer have been viewed more than 2.5 billion times. In their latest update, the program offers many new features for both developing both ads and websites. It is now possible to publish ad creations directly to tools like DoubleClick Studio. The ads now get automatically tagged with the appropriate advertiser, account and campaign information.

You could also create HTML5 ads for your AdWords account from Web Designer. This is the first time AdWords will be able to deal with HTML5 ads. In addition, any Flash ad uploaded to AdWords could automatically get converted to HTML5.

Animation Updates

In addition to the updates for advertisers, Google has also provided some new tools for animators. The animation timeline has been revamped and some of the new features included are:

  • Timeline events
  • Animation scrubbing
  • Auto keyframing
  • And some 3D features

All these are expected to make it easier for you to develop animations.

The new version now allows integration with Google Drive, which will make it possible for sharing files with your network. It can also be integrated with the CodeMirror text editor. In addition, all the components like maps, YouTube embeds and galleries have been rewritten as web components.

Ease of Use

Web Designer was already a relatively easier tool to work with but with the new updates, it has become even better. The integrated code editor further allows you to customize everything by making changes to the JavaScript and CSS.

Google has had a long-standing tradition of abandoning projects (and even products)! But that they have brought this major update for Web Designer means that they are still serious about it. It is also hoped that they will keep it the same way in the future. It’s available for free and offers many tools and features that make web designing easier and fun.

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