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Google Verified Customer Reviews Replaces Trusted Scores

By April 5, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google has announced that its Trusted Stores program is being replaced with the new Verified Customer Reviews. Users have been allowed to leave reviews against a business’ Google listing. These reviews were then shown on Google search results. There is a difference between the earlier Google reviews and the new Verified Customer Reviews in terms of the verification process. These new types of reviews will be verified for the customer purchase from the business’ site. So these reviews will be limited to websites that have an online store.

Google has started by launching the feature in a few markets including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, United States, Australia and Japan.

How is Verified Customer Reviews Better than Google Reviews?

Earlier Google Reviews could be left by anyone for any business. There was no system to verify whether the reviewer was a genuine customer with the business. The new Verified Customer Reviews, as the name suggests, ensures that only real customers to a business can leave a review, which is how it should be.

Another feature that makes it more compelling is that the businesses have the option to customise how their badges look. You will also be able to get in-depth insights. There are improved account management tools that provide better insights and save your valuable time.

Free Service

Starting with Verified Customer Reviews is free and simple.

  • Create a Merchant Centre account
  • Let your customers opt-in for an email survey after making a purchase
  • The seller ratings can be displayed in Google Shopping, your website and AdWords text ads

Customers can provide feedback about their experience in the survey. The data is used for creating seller rating within your Merchant Centre account. The display of seller ratings in AdWords ads can help in improving your click through rates.

The feature can be enabled by choosing the “merchant centre programs” option within your Merchant Centre account. It will be required to have a website and add the survey opt-in code to it. Then you can add a badge code that could be shown in different places. This badge will show tell your potential customers that your website is integrated with Verified Customer Reviews. It will also show your seller ratings.

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