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Google Will Now Feature Live TV Listings in Search

By April 22, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google is adding a new feature to its search engine – live TV listings. Web users will now be able to see their favourite TV show or movie timings in Google search results. That is not all. It will also tell you the sites and apps where you can view the latest episodes of your favourite shows. According to Google, the new feature will take its “video actions” to the next level.

Moving on From Video Actions

Video actions in Search allowed you to find direction options for watching your shows on programmer and distributor apps, websites and stores such as Google Play. But now when you search for a show, Google will tell you the sites and apps where you could see the latest episode. It will also tell you the channel you can turn to watch it.

You can also customise the feature using the Edit Provider link. It allows you to tell the search engine about your cable provider. Google claims that it came up with the feature after noticing a massive spike in searches for movies and TV shows on mobile. Last year the volume of these searches grew by over 55%.

News for Advertisers

When you conduct a search on mobile, the new feature will show streams and rentals which are Google’s properties. At the same time, Google has also announced something new for its advertisers. DoubleClick’s Dynamic Ad Insertion option will allow you to offer more personalised experience to viewers on both on-demand and live TV streams.

Another new addition for advertisers is the smarter ad breaks. The feature will ensure competitive separation for Publishers within DoubleClick. So you don’t have to worry about your competitor ads appearing simultaneously during a commercial break. Similarly, there will be no more conflicting ads.

New TV Ad Partners

Besides, Google also announced the list of new TV ad partners for its DoubleClick. This includes:

  • MCN
  • Publishers
  • Cablevision
  • Roku

The already existing list includes Globo and AMC Networks. According to Google, the new advertising capability will ensure that the ads are highly relevant for viewers. Google has had already tested the changes with the Republican Presidential Debates (Fox News in the US) and the Rugby World Cup Finals (on TF1 in France) last year.

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