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Google & WordPress Partner to Create New Local News Publishing CMS

By January 15, 2019 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google and WordPress are working together to create a new local news publishing platform. What makes it different from other news outlets is that it is a low-cost platform. The new CMS has been named Newspack. It is focused on providing the ideal platform for local journalists. With this new tool, there is no need to spend time designing a site or configuring CMS.

Newspack to Launch in 2019

Google has announced that it will begin developing Newspack within a few weeks and it will be launched this year. It has already invested over £0.93 million into the platform. It is being designed with the goal of making it more convenient for journalists to cover news.

Key Features

Some of the key features and benefits of this new CMS for local journalism include the following:

  • Publishers can access all the plugins on WordPress
  • It is ideal for small publishers who want to add more stories
  • Publishers will be expected to follow the best practices from Google
  • The search giant is calling it ‘an opinionated CMS’
  • It will include features like website designing, commerce support, and CMS configuration
  • Giving More Opportunities to Local Media

Local media has always been limited in terms of the resources it has access to. This has made it difficult for it to get the level of coverage that national media could get. Google News Initiative and WordPress are working together to create an affordable platform to address the needs of these smaller newsrooms.

Google has been showing growing interest in journalism and has been emphasising its importance to the company itself. It has developed Google News Initiative to fund and develop new features focused on small publishers. And its current focus is on local newsrooms.

Newspack will also support WordPress plugins. This includes operational costs on a monthly basis.

Supporting Companies

WordPress, on its part, will be working with News Revenue Hub and Spirited Media in the development of Newspack. These companies will be working together to study factors contributing to publisher success. Google will be providing information on features based on the behemoth data set it has access to – from local publishers.

The new CMS platform can make it easier for local publishers to create more valuable content. News is high value content on search engines and this can mean new SEO opportunities opening up for your business.

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