A major broad core algorithm update has been confirmed by Google. The update has been rolling out for weeks and has resulted in positive and negative ranking changes for different websites. Interestingly, the search giant has confirmed this update through a tweet.


According to Google, it performs core search algorithm updates many times a year. Your website may experience “drops or gains”. The search giant claims that the only way to get positive results out of these updates is to continue improving your site’s quality.

Keep Improving Your Content

These core algorithm updates are different from the dramatic fluctuations brought about by updates like Penguin and Panda. It is focused on making refinements to the algorithm to deliver better content and user experience to searchers. Google has claimed that the only way to succeed through these updates is to create “great content.”

Some of the ways in which businesses can adapt their SEO strategies to Google’s new core updates include the following:

  • Keep monitoring your website’s performance using Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Notice any big changes and take immediate actions.
  • Review your website for any instances of thin content. Create high-quality content based on Google’s style guide.
  • Take steps to adapt to new organic search opportunities like mobile-first and voice search.
  • Follow SEO best practice strategies to prevent future core algorithm updates from affecting your site’s rankings.

If you want to succeed in SEO and eliminate any potential risks from such core algorithm updates, it is important to follow SEO best practices.

Importance of Content Relevance

Earlier, it was speculated that the latest update was focused on low-quality webpages. However, Google confirmed it later that content relevance was a bigger factor. Thus, the rankings are being adjusted to ensure that Google’s users get results that can answer queries in the best possible way. In fact, most of the recent updates have been related to content relevance.

A wide range of inferences have been made from this algorithm update. You should not only improve the quality of your content, you should also make your content more relevant. The content should be highly relevant to your target audience that is searching for your webpages. You should perform SEO audit on a regular basis and keep improving your SEO campaigns. Red Interior Solutions’ website provides an excellent example of high-quality and relevant content.

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