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How Google Voice Search will Affect SEO?

By October 17, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

How Google Voice Search will Affect SEO? 1

According to Google’s latest report, Google Voice Search is growing in terms of use among searchers and in importance among SEOs. The reason it may have remained so widely unused so long was because most people didn’t know about it. There are a whole lot of other innovations on the simple search page offered by Google, but most users are not using them. With Voice Search, there is no need to type anything – you can just speak out the blurt query.

The Google Report

The latest report by Google claims that 55% of teens are using Voice Search, and around 40% of adults, everyday on the Google app. Those are some big percentages and can easily draw the attention of website owners and search engine optimisers. But the search giant has also revealed that the most common searches are related to directions.

Lesser Use of Keywords

Leading search engine optimisation experts claim that the searches coming through voice are most likely be in the form of the anural language. Not many of the searches will be made using keywords. They are most likely to make the voice searches in their conversational tone. This is something that more and more search engine marketers need to understand if they are to implement any strategy targeting this growing volume of voice searchers.

The growing trend in the voice search segment is also a challenge for Google and other search engines. They need to create more powerful algorithms for enhancing their conversational query abilities. This will require mapping queries and long phrases into keywords. Search engines will have to bring about major changes in their algorithms for voice queries to deliver more relevant results.

Important Considerations for SEO

How Google Voice Search will Affect SEO? 2

The developments you could expect because of this changing dynamics in the search domain are as following:

  • Because users can now get information without the need to click or type, it could limit search traffic.
  • Search engine experts will have to find new ways to deliver their information when the searches are made in the conversational mode.
  • Marketers will find it more challenging to track search queries and results.
  • There will be relatively more follow up questions in voice searches.

These are some of the major developments that could be seen in the near future as more and more users come searching for information through voice search. The voice search domain is currently limited to a few domains, but it could expand like anything once people start searching for products and other information using the feature.

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