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How To Get in Google’s Top 3

By March 21, 2012 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Getting into Google’s top 3 has never been more important, the results underneath the search bar now have so much flexibility and add-ons to attract the users attention that it would seem hard to try and miss them.

The Search Marketing Shop are a Google certified agency that specialise in search advertising, we offer a free trial, placing businesses in the very top 3 results of their preffered search terms.

Most people ask how do we get there, well here’s how! The top 3 results are often the top 3 adwords advertisers that are competing for a particular search term. Google awards what they feel is the most relevant ad content with what is called a quality score. The Search Marketing Shop only employ staff that have a vast experience within the system and are able to get 10/10 quality score every time. As the QS is multiplied by the bid, there needs to be a way of fending off competitors who are trying to overtake you, often for competitive phrases it is thousands. Therefore we have our own, unique patented Google Adwords API that allows automated bid management, so that nobody can out bid us when trying to reach the top 3.

Don’t believe us?

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