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How to Rank Higher with your Product Listing Ads?

By July 7, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

How to Rank Higher with your Product Listing Ads? 1

Are you running a PLA campaign with Google? If yes, then your priority will be to appear on top of all the relevant results. Interestingly, Google doesn’t provide any information about the algorithm its uses for presenting products in Google Shopping Listings. But it is easy to claim that there are a few factors that play important role in boosting your product listings.

In this guide you will learn about these factors and the steps you can take to appear more often with your products.

1. Relevance

If your product matches the search terms and context of the searcher, Google is more likely to rank your product listing higher.

2. Location

Google take the location of the searcher into account and is likely to display your products if you are in close proximity to that location.

3. Bid Price

Higher bids mean better chances of having your product listed in the top. But there is no data or information from Google about how the bid price can affect the position of a products listing.

There are many other factors which are considered to play an important role. For example, the longer your merchant account has been active, the more likely are your products to rank higher. If you keep your fields complete and keep all your data fresh, the chances are better.

Setup Custom Labels

It is recommended to plan the structure of your custom label before the shopping campaign is launched. There is limitation to the inventory you could add to each account. So it’s important to categorise them properly.

1.      Category-based Labels

These labels make it easy for both Google and buyers to explore your categories to find a particular product. A splendid example will be “Consumer Electronics > Computers > Laptops”. Such labels will help you create dedicated ad groups for each of the category and sub-category.

2.      Profit-Margin Products

Do you want products with lower profit-margin to appear in your feed? You would probably want to draw more attention to the higher profit-margin products. Use custom labels for identifying the two groups and promote/exclude the right products.

3.      Best Selling Products

Use custom labels for your best selling products. Also use labels that will identify the less popular ones.

Use these strategies to improve your PLA’s performance. Do you need more information and help with regard to improving your PLA campaigns? It is recommended to visit for more information and to learn from the industry-leading experts.