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HTTPS Sites Account for more than 50% of Page 1 Search Results

By April 26, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

According to the latest report, it is expected that the percentage of HTTPS sites on page one of search results could become 65-70% by the end of this year. Currently, more than 50% of URLs on page one in SERPs are HTTPS. Around a year ago, this figure was 25-30%. This is clear sign that more website owners are realising the importance of HTTPS to their site’s overall success and for security reasons.

HTTPS Has Come a Long Way

Google announced more than three years ago about the importance of HTTPS. The search giant has never confirmed that this factor has an influence on its search rankings, but it was always apparent that it played a role. So the latest results also indicate that the search engine may be pushing HTTPS URLs higher up the rankings.

If this trend continues, it is expected that more than 65% of websites appearing on the first page of search engine results will be secured, by the end of 2017. This could also give Google stronger reason to boost the ranking factor for HTTPS pages.

Top Websites & HTTPS

Many of the big websites haven’t yet switched from HTTP to HTTPS. This is also considered as a reason why Google hasn’t yet gone full-throttle to make it a big ranking factor. BestBuy has converted 0% of its webpages into HTTPS URLs. So have MayoClinic, Indeed and HomeDepot. They have not yet converted to the secure protocol.

Then there are many other sites which have switched over all almost all their pages. This includes:

  • Wikipedia: 100%
  • Yelp: 99.7%
  • Amazon: 99.9%
  • YouTube: 99.6%
  • Facebook: 100%
  • TripAdvisor: 99.7%
  • Pinterest: 100%

Once majority of websites would have made the move to the more secure protocol, it would create a level field.

What Should Business Owners Do?

There is no certainty as to whether Google takes HTTPS as a factor in ranking or not, but the point that more websites with secure URLs ranking higher in SERPs, you cannot ignore its importance. There are many other ways having a secure website can be beneficial for your pages. Google Chrome warns visitors when they visit HTTP pages. If you are serious about your SEO campaigns, it is high time you switched over to HTTPS.

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