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Hummingbird Update: What have we seen so far and why?

By October 17, 2013 No Comments

Google regularly changes its algorithm and with many SMEs investing so much money into search engine optimization, the question on everybody’s keyboard is whether it will affect their SEO efforts.

Hummingbird is the biggest algorithm change in 12 years and has been said to improve mobile search as well as voice search and generally improve search results for the end user. However, Google says that it is certainly not out to smother SEO, instead stating that those who are willing to put in the effort are sure to reap the page rank rewards.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is a Google project that has been available for some time, but has gone unnoticed by many Google users. When used, its aim is to point out the key connections between people, places and things to offer insight into these connections through results. Its purpose is to offer a much more knowledgeable response to the user giving information with these links in a way that presents itself in a human way, as if the information is being told to you by a human, perhaps not an algorithmic search.

Although it is offered to the masses, the people that find much information by conducting this type of search are those that are looking for more in depth knowledge upon a subject. Writers, marketers, and researchers can use it to great advantage while power searchers will almost certainly find it has uses too.

The Hummingbird Update

This algorithm change would be seen by those who have experience with Google’s Knowledge Graph as simply an extension of this search type. Hummingbird combined the capabilities of Google’s general search capacity as well as the complexity of knowledge from Knowledge graph, extending its reach across Google’s user base.

Rather than honing in on specific keywords and phrases, The Hummingbird Update tries to take in the whole sentence and deliver search results based on its findings of the query. In addition, it will deliver search results that give more information than you wanted, giving background information on the subject as well as query specific results.

Long-Tail Keywords and Conversational Queries

Long-tail keywords have always been highly considered as a useful method in SEO. This is because they see targeted users converting a high click through rate. However, it has been proven difficult in the past because previous algorithms have picked up specific phrases and given tailored search results. However, Hummingbird will search for the query as a whole which may see more SEO agencies adapted their strategy to come up under these longer key phrases. These long-tailed key words will be adapted in a way that develops under the natural process of writing high quality, unique content driving more traffic to your website.