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When it comes to SEO, most marketers, business managers and owners are focused on unbranded search. In fact, many business managers don’t know that they are ignoring branded searches. Find out the differences between the two and how you can target branded searches too.

What is Unbranded Search?

As the name suggests, unbranded search involves searching for a term without any mention of a business name or brand name. It delivers you a list of websites relevant to the search terms and meeting the search engine’s algorithm requirements. But this doesn’t mean that branded search results will not appear in unbranded searches. Brands relevant to the searched keyphrases can also appear in the search results pages. This makes it important for you to ensure that you have an excellent local SEO strategy to ensure your business appears in relevant searches.

What is Branded Search?

Branded searches focus on searching for a brand, business or a product or service from a brand. Such searches will include the brand name and are least likely to deliver pages of other businesses.

How to Integrate Branded Searches in your Search Marketing Strategy?

The benefits of branded search extend across both organic and paid search strategies. It is going to make an impact on different aspects of search including:

  • Page rankings
  • Knowledge panel
  • Search boxes
  • Map results

Branded search will help search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to identify your website as the relevant site for those searching for your brand or business name.

Branded Organic Search Strategies

Some of the steps you can take to integrate branded organic search are as following:

  • Make sure that your homepage and product pages rank for branded search keywords that generate high volume of traffic
  • The meta tag details should include branded search keyphrases and context
  • Focus on dominating the first page and rank highest for your brand searches
  • You should focus on both pre- and post-purchase-phase branded terms
  • Provide information like pricing, reviews and places to buy your product during the pre-purchase search phase

Branded Paid Search Strategies

You cannot ignore the importance of paid search even when you rank at the top in organic search results. Some of the steps you can take include:

  • Make the most of ad extensions to deliver more information so that your ads stand out from the crowd
  • Use extensions like price/location extensions to boost your real estate
  • Use extensions properly to get an edge over competitors who could run conquest campaigns

So make sure to follow these tips to boost your branded search results and drive more targeted traffic.

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