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Importance of Video Content in your Website

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Every business owner is designing and re-designing their website to ensure that their online visibility and consumer appeal remains ahead of the competition. Most website owners haven’t included videos into their sites, and if you are one of them, it is time you took your first step.

Easier Video Creation

Creating quality video is no longer a tech-savvy job. Almost anyone with a smart phone with a powerful camera can create videos for promoting their products or services. There are many websites and online resources where you can find valuable videos relevant to your niche. It could, however, be more beneficial to create original videos about your business or products to explain better on your web pages.

As a business, when you present yourself with appropriate videos, it helps confirm your competence and helps you reach your potential customers. It is possible to create high quality video with the simple tools that you may already have.

How Videos Help

Importance of Video Content in your Website 1

There are a number of ways how including videos on your site can help your business. Some of the most important ones are as following:

  • Generate More Leads – When you put a video on your landing page, you put a face to your product or service name. You will be “showing” your product to your visitors rather than “telling” them about its features, and this may make all the difference between a valuable lead and a passer-by visitor. Videos are considered to be 5 times more effective than text content in delivering the message.
  • Better Click Rate – Another benefit of including videos on your site is that it helps improve the click through rate. Make proper use of your keywords in the video caption and description and they could appear high on search engine results.

Follow Best Practices

As part of the process to keep your website updated, make sure to follow some best practices for your site’s video content:

  • Create new videos and update them on your site at least twice a year.
  • Keep your videos short. Your visitors don’t want to spend minutes learning about your product!
  • Keep the videos simple and a little professional.

It is also important not to overdo things. Don’t post more than two videos per page, and remember that adding video content doesn’t mean text is no longer important. Video content can certainly help reduce the volume of textual content on your site, but it cannot entirely replace it.

So if you haven’t included useful videos on your site already, ask your web designer to help you with the options. If you need any help or more information about how to create and add videos to your site, visit