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What is the Importance of Website SEO Audit?

By January 23, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Website SEO audit should be an ongoing process that should be conducted at least once a year. The periodicity of this activity should be based on the size of your business. It is also crucial to measure your site’s performance so that you can keep improving it over time.

What Does an SEO Audit Cover?

The goal behind a website’s SEO audit is to provide a clear picture of how effectively your site performs in search engine results. It will also provide you information about how and where to make improvements to improve your search rankings and targeted traffic. In addition you will also know where your site is doing well.

Site audit will also inform you about any issues that may be causing damage to your website’s online presence. It will also provide you an insight into the performance of your SEO campaigns.

In addition, it will also help you stay neck to neck with the latest search engine algorithm updates. Google and other search engines are constantly releasing new updates and an audit can provide you a clear idea whether your site is adhering to the latest changes or not.

Some of the key components which are reviewed during a site audit include the following:

  • Evaluation of content
  • Site and URL errors
  • Evaluation of site speed and canonicalisation
  • Evaluation of XML sitemap
  • Evaluation of Robots.txt files
  • Evaluation of site architecture


Here are the top reasons why website audit is so important:

  • It involves analysis of your site to provide you insights into new strategic and graphic ideas.
  • The reports will provide you insights into your site’s search rankings, traffic, search percentages, and bounce rates.
  • Audit can help in adjusting key components affecting your site’s performance.
  • The analysis can also provide you guidance for developing new strategies.
  • Learn where traffic is coming from and the most important keywords driving them.
  • Learn about the sites providing referrals.

An SEO audit will also address broken site links, HTML errors, and review response and download times. It can also evaluate character setting to ensure that your site is being indexed properly by search engines.

There are many more reasons for having a site audit at least once a year. Make sure it is performed by an SEO specialist with years of experience. It is recommended to visit fro more information and to find the right SEO expert.