Many website owners ignore the importance of proper site structure. It is a crucial factor to your site’s success in SEO. In fact, it is the first factor that impacts your SEO strategy. Find out the importance of having good website structure and how you can ensure it.

Importance of Site Structure

A well structured website gives a clear signal to search engines as to which content is important. This will make it easier to rank the more important content. It is not just the direct impact on ranking, your site’s structure also helps in improving the user experience.

A clear structure will make it easier for your target audience to find the required information with ease. Better user experience improves your conversion rates, whether it means selling your products, getting more subscriptions or getting return visits.

How to Create a Well-Structured Site?

  • Create a Proper Hierarchy: Find out if your site’s structure follows a hierarchy or not. If not, your site needs to be developed again. If you haven’t yet developed a site, start with a hierarchy in which all the information is well organised. The hierarchy should be logical, there should be no more than seven main categories, unless you have an online store, and there should be good balance between the subcategories.
  • Website Navigation in HTML/CSS: It will be best to create your site’s navigation in HTML or CSS. This will make it easier for Google, Bing and Yahoo to crawl your site’s hierarchy and navigation.
  • URL Structure Should Match The Navigation: Your site’s URL structure is also a big factor in SEO. Make sure the structure follows the site’s hierarchy. It is recommended that your URL’s have complete words in place of symbols. Using proper keywords can be a good strategy.
  • Header with Navigation Pages: The main header should be designed to list all your primary navigation pages. Avoid the addition of any other items in the menu.

It is also recommended to develop a navigation structure that is not too deep. In other words, your most important webpages should be made easily accessible. Create a ‘shallow website’ which is easier for both search engines to crawl and for visitors to use.

So follow these strategies to create a well-structured website. When done well, all the other aspects of your SEO strategies will work more effectively. For more information and to improve your site’s structure or boost your SEO strategy, it is recommended to visit