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How to Improve Your Rankings in Video Search Results?

By November 23, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Video is considered the most powerful type of content for promotional purposes. It is much easier and faster to deliver your message across to your target audience using video compared to images and textual content. When used the right way, it can be one of the most powerful ways of reaching to your audience. So what should you do to ensure that your videos appear high in video search results?

Include Videos in Your Content

It is recommended to check your web pages that receive high volume of traffic. Evaluate the content on those pages and find out if you can add videos. When you embed videos, they can enrich the user experience. The results can include more:

  • Page views
  • Conversions
  • Time spent on your website

It is not just YouTube where your video can be created and shared. There are many more platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. You can also add or embed videos into your blogs.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Video optimisation can help you get ahead of the competition. But this will require you to first review the video content of your competition. You can learn not just about the video they are creating but the keywords they are targeting. The results can include:

  • Being able to get new ideas for creating videos
  • Being able to fill critical content gaps

You can learn about the type of videos being created by the competition to showcase their products or services. You can also create videos providing similar solutions. You can also find out which types of videos are gaining more traction and focus your time and energy on that.

Find Critical Content Gaps

After you review your competitor videos, you will learn about certain gaps within your own content. Go further and analyse the most popular search terms in your niche to find important gaps. It will take some research to find these gaps. For example, you may have created videos for how to use your product or service, but there may be many searches for how to install or set-up your product or service.

This research will help you understand what your customers need. In addition, you will learn about the marketing opportunities lying out there that need to be tapped. Optimising videos also helps you find better SEO opportunities. The more videos you have, the more titles and descriptions will be created. This means you will find the opportunity to target more keywords and keyword variations.

Thus, there are many reasons for optimising videos for video results and to drive more traffic from this type of content. Visit for more information and to get the help of experienced SEO specialists.