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Instagram Update: Pinch-to-Zoom Feature for Photos & Videos

By September 2, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Instagram, the king of the photo sharing social media world, has an unmatched engagement rate. You’d be surprised to know that its engagement rate per follower is almost 50 times higher compared to the largest social network, Facebook. Instagram gives you the opportunity to build your brand in a visual and creative way. Recently, the website has released a new update. Its users had long been asking for the zoom feature and the site has budged to the demand by introducing the pinch-to-zoom feature.

Instagram has been so effective in helping build brands, many so called ‘boring’ brands have made a major impact with their Insta-presence

New Zoom Feature

Instagram now allows you to zoom both photos and videos, a feature which was surprisingly lacking in one of the most widely used photo-sharing app. The website is initially launching the feature for its iOS users. Users can now zoom on both pictures and videos on:

  • Profiles
  • Feed
  • Explore tab

The feature uses the pinch gesture similar to most smartphones. The site has evolved over the years from catering to common social media users to everyone including serious photographers.

The Update

Instagram also confirmed that the feature will be rolling out on its Android app in a few weeks. The iOS update is still in its initial phase. Users noticed the update in the App Store. However, most users were still waiting to see the update in their app. Instagram also made a video announcement providing an insight into how the pinch to zoom feature will work.

Future Expectations

There are still a number of features which users are looking forward to see in Instagram. This includes:

  • Rotating the phone for landscape photos
  • Upgrade over the current maximum allowed resolution of 1080p

The latest smartphones already support QHD and 4K screens.

Instagram has always kept itself limited to sharing moments. It is only now that the site/app has expanded itself to the more technical and aesthetic aspects of photography. It seems that it can no longer ignore the fact that phone cameras have become far better than ever and more people are sharing their professional photos and videos.

The new update makes Instagram an even better and more engaging platform for businesses. For more information about how to promote your brand on this unique network, it is recommended to visit and get help from the experts.