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Is Email Marketing Still Viable?

By July 30, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Is Email Marketing Still Viable? 1

The growing popularity of search engine optimisation, social media marketing and mobile marketing may seem to have made email marketing obsolete, the fact is that the early form of marketing continues to be a powerful source of communication. Social media may have become the buzz but that has not affected the importance of email as a source of communication. The bottom line is that email marketing continues to be a powerful and reliable mode of communication. How to make the most out of this form of online promotion in the new changed scenario? The following tips will help you.

1. Progressive Profiling

Email allows you to add multiple levels of data about your subscribers. You can track the responses to your messages and develop complete profiles to understand what clicks with them. This information can be used for refining and personalising your content.

2. Mobile Optimisation

Is Email Marketing Still Viable? 2

Even email marketing requires to be optimised for the mobile. According to a 2013 study by Epsilon, the average open rate grew by 3% over the previous year to become 29%. It is expected that this open rate will further increase because of the growing number of smart phones and PC tablets. The percentage of mobile open rate has in fact crossed the 50% mark, which is quite promising for email marketers who are ready to optimise for the mobile.

  • Shorten the subject lines – The viewable headline in a mobile device is shorter than in the case of a PC or Mac. Try to simplify the subject line of your emails, keeping them below 60 characters.
  • Larger Click Space – Provide an easy-to-click space or action button, at least 45×45 pixels in size and in some bright colour.
  • HTML5 Responsive Design – Bid adieu to flash landing pages. It is recommended to migrate to HTML5 responsive design and keeping your emails as simple as possible (in design).

3. Use Real-Time & Engaging Content

Use engaging and active content into your emails based on what you know will drive them. Limited period offers, almost sold-out taglines and countdown clocks are some of the key message elements to inspire your subscribers to take action.

4. Social Integration

Is Email Marketing Still Viable? 3

Adding social icons in email campaigns has been found to help improve email CTR by almost 115%. At the same time providing the option of social sharing in email campaigns helps your campaign to go beyond the inbox. With Facebook having over 1.2 billion active years, Twitter and LinkedIn having hundreds of millions of users, and each user having at least a hundred people in their networks, can help make your content go viral through social integration.

So make sure that your email messages give your subscribers the option to share your content with their social connections.

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