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Is Keyword Research Still Relevant in SEO?

By January 5, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Is Keyword Research Still Relevant in SEO? 1

Many webmasters now believe that the days of keyword optimisation are over. Google and other search engines have developed sophisticated algorithms that focus on learning about the searcher’s intent. But this doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t require keywords to be able to deliver search results. The text query is still the biggest factor for search engines to understand what users are searching for.

Research and Create Better Content

It is important to create better content. Your content must flow naturally; it must be elegantly crafted; and it must be original and unique. It must also match the intent of your searchers. But how can you match the intent? This is where keyword research comes into the picture. So you cannot put out keywords out of your SEO strategy so long.

Focus on Keyword Research

Keyword optimisation has been on the back foot over the last few years, but that doesn’t mean that you should entirely shed it. You must conduct keyword research. Find out what kind of queries your target audience are using. Use the information to address those queries on your site. This is how you can help gain more visibility than your competition.

Is Keyword Research Still Relevant in SEO? 2

As already mentioned, Google has reduced the relevance of keywords because it has more advanced algorithms for delivering the best-possible results to its searchers. This means that it is no longer as effective or fruitful to find and rank for specific keywords. It is however more important to provide a great user experience.

Keyword research isn’t any longer about finding the exact target keywords. It must be used to gather information about your target audience. Today, the success of your SEO campaign will depend on understanding your searchers. Only after learning about them will you be able to deliver what they actually want.

Intent Based Search

Searchers are no longer just typing basic keywords. They are typing longer queries. In other words, they are typing phrases that match their intent. Google on the other end tries to match the intent according to search data, heuristics, and click data. Only then it will deliver more relevant search results.

If you want to succeed with your SEO campaign, it is important to change all your old strategies and comply with the latest changes. Do you need more information about keyword research and SEO? It is recommended to visit for more information.