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Is Yahoo Moving Towards Google?

By July 10, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Is Yahoo Moving Towards Google? 1

When was the last time you heard two search engines relying on each other to test their ‘search skills’? Yahoo last week allowed Google to use its search skills on some of its properties. The search giant said that it was testing the proposition of having several companies handling organic search/search ad at its online properties to learn if it benefited it and its users.

Product Tests

According to Yahoo, the company is always making efforts to improve the user experience of its visitors. These tests could mean that the site runs tests in partnership with other search engines. In the recent test Google was one of those search engines.

Yahoo & Microsoft

Yahoo and Microsoft recently renewed their search partnership to enable higher level of flexibility in search. This also stopped Yahoo from working as the only sales force with all the advertisers. The collaboration started back in 2010, meant to last a decade. But a clause allowed Yahoo to move out if it wanted, especially if it was not convinced that the revenue terms weren’t fulfilled. More recently the company had sent out signals that the partnership wasn’t fruitful to the extent expected.

Market Share

eMarketer recently reported that Google will continue to be the global search market leader this year. It will continue to have over 54% share in the $81.5 bln search market. Yahoo and Microsoft will however hold only 6.5% share. Bing is the search engine that powers Microsoft. In terms of search, Google dominates with 71% market share. Bing is second with 10% share and Yahoo third with 9.6%.

It is expected that any ‘intimacy’ between Google and Yahoo could put the antitrust regulators on the high alert, not only in the U.S. but worldwide. This becomes even more important when considering the market share of Google.

But Google also refuted any claims of a partnership. Its spokesperson said in an official statement that Yahoo is just testing its search ads and search results from different partners. Google is nothing more than an option for them. Microsoft is the only company that failed to say anything about the recent tests conducted by Yahoo. Probably, it was nothing more than a routine test by the latter.

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