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Key to Social Media Marketing Success

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Promoting your business on social media is much more than just posting a few statuses daily or running a social media ad campaign. Your social media campaigns must be well planned to match your business needs. They must increase awareness, engage your targeted audience, and help you connect at the right time.

Build Awareness

The more the number of people who interact with your brand the easier it’ll be to promote to them later on. Make sure to develop relevant and useful content to improve interaction. It is mostly seen that social media campaigns ignore one of the most important aspects of promotion – improving engagement.

Increase Engagement

Social media marketing cannot succeed without engagement.

  • Ask questions
  • Get feedbacks
  • Run surveys

Do anything to get response from your audience. Increasing engagement means higher organic reach and even improved SEO rankings. Larger audience engagement also means larger volume of website visits – which also means higher conversions.

Even when you are running your social campaigns, use tools to learn about social media analytics. They will also help you get insights into what your audience likes and dislikes. This can help in optimizing your campaigns.

Use Social Media for Customer Care

Many brands are already doing this successfully. If you do this right, social media can be a great tool for promoting your business and giving prospects an insight into what your brands stands for.

Twitter is a great social channel for customer care. You can, in fact, have a Twitter channel specifically dedicated to customer service.

Encourage User Content

Allow your fans and followers to post on your page. Encourage them to contribute with their content. This strategy is going to make it easier for you to do the following:

  • Getting feedback from your audience
  • Getting responses related to your offering
  • Getting feedback from existing customers

So if you are selling a product, ask everyone to post pictures of their product in use. You can also ask for pictures that show how they feel about using your products.

You can also use social media to manage your brand’s reputation. Keep in mind that most of the positive reviews are received on social media. So follow these tips and make the most of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and other sites to reach your target audience.

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