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Keyword Ranking: Is it Still Important?

By January 28, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

A few years ago keyword ranking was the most important strategy in SEO. So how important is it in the current scenario after so many search engine algorithm updates. Keyword ranking is still essential for you to achieve higher organic rankings. Organic rankings continues to be among the most effective strategies for brands to reach out to new customers even though it may not offer the CTR and visibility like some other types of search listings.

Relevance of Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings help you optimize your traffic and conversion opportunities when you create high quality content for niche phrases and concepts. You can increase your monthly traffic and generate qualified conversions depending on your content development strategy.

So what aspects of keyword optimization and ranking matter in the current SEO landscape?

Keyword Placement is More Important than Keyword Frequency

Keyword placement continues to be important in SEO. It is no longer about frequency. Repeating a keyword multiple times on the copy doesn’t work any longer. But you still need to include long tail keywords within different SEO elements like:

  • Page title
  • Sub-headings
  • Image descriptions
  • URL
  • Meta descriptions

Semantic Search is More Important

Short-tail and long-tail keywords have been in use for almost a decade now. Semantic search has become more important than these keywords. Long tail keywords are more important than short tail keywords, as they help in targeting more specific queries. However after Google’s algorithm updates, the search engine uses semantic search to understand keywords.

Future of SEO

Keywords are here to stay for a long time. However, SEO is poised to undergo major changes in the future. It is also likely that semantic search will become so advanced that you will be able to rank high without keyword optimization. It may be able to rank for targeted search queries based on other strategies.

Despite these claims, keyword ranking continues to hold significant importance. It is expected to continue holding its significance for many years. With growing importance of other digital marketing strategies, it will become more important to run integrated marketing campaigns in the future. This can require combining SEO, social media marketing, paid ads, and other strategies.

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