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Latest Survey: Product Searches Start with Google & Amazon!

By July 5, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and draws search and traction almost as large as the largest search engines. Whether you use this site for selling or promoting your products or not, there’s a good reason you should look for ways to include it into your online promotional strategies.

Here’s why!

According to a recent survey, it was found that a large percentage of consumers start their product searches with In fact, the percentage is pretty close to that of Google’s.

Other retailers, eBay and Etsy come further down the order.

This survey showed that almost 38% of product searches were made on Amazon.

There are many reasons why consumers prefer this site over most other online retailers. This includes:

  • The simpler sales funnel on the site
  • Collection of products
  • Reviews
  • Free shipping offers
  • Special deals

Even those who started their product search with Google, around 52% said they would click on Google Shopping Results. Around 41% would click on an Amazon link.

A significant percentage of shoppers eventually ended up buying the required products in a physical shop. It’s apparent that they Google and Amazon played a very important role in providing the required information to these shoppers.

The Amazon algorithm depends on many factors. From the SEO perspective the 3 most important ones are as following:

1. Genuine & Verified Reviews

Amazon offers verified reviews with overall rating. These are the 2 most important factors that contribute to an Amazon page’s rankings.

Verified reviews are genuinely verified because they can be made only by a buyer. But there is the unverified review feature too.

So optimising the reviews can be a great strategy to boost your product rankings!

2. Product Description

Search engines, Amazon and all other sites need words to learn what a page is about. So product description is the other major factor in Amazon page rankings.

Your content marketing strategies apply to Amazon page content too. Don’t ignore keyword density.

3. Amazon Keywords

If you have ever uploaded any product on Amazon, you’ll know that it asks for some special keywords. They’re not meta tags and don’t show in the HTML. In fact, they are internal to the online retail site – even Google and other search engines can’t see them.

They play a crucial role when it comes to choosing the correct category.

So make sure to follow these SEO strategies to boost rankings of your Amazon pages.

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