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Artificial Intelligence (AI) based developments are not just limited to Google search algorithm updates. Bing has also jumped onto the AI bandwagon with new announcements from Microsoft. The tech giant has announced a series of new ‘intelligent’ features for its search engine. From the perspective of the search marketer, the new changes are not disruptive.

New Bing Intelligent Search Features

Microsoft has announced the search updates under three key categories:

  1. Intelligent Answers: This feature is similar to Featured Snippets, but involves more comparison of multiple sources of information and not just presentation of a single answer. There is increased focus on delivering relevant and quick information in the form of carousal of intelligent answers and not just blue-coloured links.
  2. Intelligent Image Search: This new feature in Bing will make images ‘searchable’. You will now notice a search icon atop all images within Bing. Click on it and you will be able to search images and products. Initially, this feature is limited to home furniture and fashion categories. The search engine is now also capable of identifying and detecting landmarks and buildings in image search.
  3. Conversational Search: The search auto-complete feature is one of the big features with Google and many other search engines. With its latest update, Bing is taking this feature to the next level. When searchers will need help with refining their queries, Bing can now help them better. It will clarify their questions depending on the query to help refine the search. This will help the users find the best answers without having to make multiple attempts.

This feature will be initially introduced to queries in the fields of health, sports and technology. According to Microsoft, this feature is based on machine learning and will keep improving the user experience with time.

Reddit Meets Bing

Now content from Reddit can also make its way into search results in Bing. According to the company, snippets of conversations and content from Reddit can be displayed in search results whenever the search engine finds the content to be a rich source of information. From now on, searchers can also see Reddit AMAs in Bing search results. Some of the different ways in which AMAs are making their way into Bing search include:

  • Viewing AMA Schedules
  • Viewing snapshots of already completed AMAs
  • Search individual name to view their AMA snapshot
  • View popular AMAs

With Bing embracing many AI-based features, Google will also have to pull up its search game. For more information about latest search engine updates, visit You can also get help from experienced SEO and SEM experts to boost your search campaigns.