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Mobile Search Grows Larger in Many Categories Including Food & Retail

By August 6, 2016 No Comments

Google has had reported long ago that over 50% of its search queries originate from mobile devices in many categories. This has had led to increased emphasis on mobile SEO. According to latest reports, mobile search has overtaken desktop search, at least on an average in 11 important categories in the United States.

Latest Analysis

The percentage figures for Google are not clear. Google has never released the precise figures, which vary from one country to another. According the latest report released by Hitwise, mobile search in the US accounts for an average of 58% of overall search volume. The report analysed search queries for 11 important categories and came up with the report. The test period was between April and May and covered search queries on PCs and mobile devices.


The mobile search stats for the different categories are as following:

  • Food & Beverage – 72%
  • Health – 68%
  • Sports – 68%
  • News & Media – 64%
  • Automotive – 62%
  • Lifestyle – 62%
  • Retail – 56%
  • Travel – 52%
  • Real Estate – 48%
  • Entertainment – 42%
  • Banking – 39%

The report also claims that mobile queries are longer than their desktop counterparts.

The average length of desktop query strings was 13.8 characters. That for mobile query strings was more than 15 characters.

But the report also showed that not every industry has mobile as the major search platform. For example, the share is just 39% for the banking industry.

One conclusion from the analysis is that mobile plays a bigger role in providing answers to consumer queries during the early phase of the purchase process.

Industry-specific Findings

When it comes to retail searches, location-based queries are mainly focused on mobile. Some of the key words in these searches include:

  • “24 hour”
  •  “where to buy….”
  • “hours”
  • “near me”

Around 82% of mobile shoppers wanted to know the shop that’s open for business. Other high-percentage mobile queries included:

  • Engagement rings
  • Reviews
  • Coupons
  • Returns policy

Mobile search has also become a big companion for travellers. They use it both during the early part of the planning phase and when the trip begins. But desktops are still important when it comes to conducting research on destination and even for making bookings. In food and beverage searches, consumers relied on mobile to get meal inspiration.

These findings reveal how important mobile SEO has become. If you want to generate more organic traffic from desktop and mobile, you should seek the help of industry-leading SEO specialists. Visit for more information and help.