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Need Higher Brand Engagement? Think of Instagram Promotion

By June 28, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Facebook and Twitter are the first choice for most social media marketers and businesses. They’re the two most popular social sites, not to mention that Facebook is the largest one having over 1.65 billion users. Despite their large size and popularity, both don’t offer the same level of engagement as another social site that most businesses ignore. It’s Instagram!

How Instagram Stands Out?

According to one of the top advisory firms in the world, Instagram delivers a per-user brand interaction rate of 2.261%. This is higher than many other social networks. The site gives you a very unique methodology for connecting with your targeted audience. It allows you to develop visual storytelling like none other. Post photos and short videos, and generate higher engagement rates every time.

Mixing Photos & Videos

This is the most important and effective marketing strategy on Instagram. You should post both photos and videos on a regular basis.

Video is more effective in engaging users than textual content. This makes it more valuable in engaging your fans and growing your ‘following’ and for driving more traffic.

Videos can help bring your stories to life!

Instagram offers simple video editing tools that allow almost anyone to create and post videos. The app makes it too easy to capture scenes at different times or you may also upload an existing video.

Note: – It’s recommended to create videos focused on your audience, not just on your products or services most of the time.

Initiate Conversations

Use social listening and analytics to learn about the interests of your followers and the kind of content they’re most likely to engage with.

Find out who are using your products/services in unique ways. Combine photos and videos to tell stories that initiate discussions on Instagram.

Moderate Comments & Respond to Them

Once the discussions start, it’s important you respond to the comments and also moderate them.

  • Participate in conversations
  • Make sure you always respond in a timely fashion
  • Give your fans a chance to connect

Another valuable step is to always monitor the notifications. They’ll tell you whenever other users mention your brand in their comments and captions. A comment or like from a brand can go a long way in building a better brand image!

While Facebook and Twitter help you get ahead in terms of their sheer size, Instagram is one social network you don’t want to ignore due to its high levels of user engagement.

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