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New Ad Quality Score Guidelines by Google

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New Ad Quality Score Guidelines by Google 1

Google AdWords is developed on the concept of giving a good ad experience to everyone including the advertisers, users and Google. One of the best ways to deliver a good experience is by measuring the quality of your ads.

The advantage of accurate measurement is that it will make it possible for Google to display the most relevant and useful ads on the optimal positions on the SERPs. This will eventually allow your target audience to see relevant ads and you could get more and more clicks from qualified visitors. Other benefits include reduced CPS and delivering more information through ads. Google recently released a special guide to explain how you should use the metrics and make the most out of them.

Calculating Ad Quality Score

Google set up AdWords for identifying and rewarding quality ads so as to enable quality ads to deliver higher Ad Rank, lower CPC, access to ad extensions and better positioning. The quality of the ads are calculated based on each auction – the quality score (QS) number ranging from 1 to 10 is linked directly to the auction. During an auction there will be many other factors that don’t appear in the QS metric. Some of the main such factors are:

  • Precise query by the user
  • The device used by the user
  • The location of the user
  • The time of day

The QS for each auction gets calculated on the basis of 3 components –

  1. Relevance
  2. Expected CTR
  3. Landing page experience

When a user searches on Google, all these 3 components get recalculated for determining the Ad Rank.

Improving your Ad Relevance

Use the following tips to improve the relevance of your ads:

  • Group your keywords into small ad groups that help target particular groups
  • Match your ad text’s language to the search queries
  • Check ad groups with less-than-average keywords
  • Add negative keywords for preventing ads from being displayed in irrelevant queries

Improving your CTR

New Ad Quality Score Guidelines by Google 2

According to Google’s latest guide you can improve the Click through Rate of your ads using the following tips:

  • Create compelling and creative ad text that encourages the user to take action. Try to create more specific ad texts. More details could mean creating a more compelling ad
  • Highlight all the USPs of your products / services
  • Customise your ads’ creative aspects to the searches of your users
  • Test different calls to action and create a sense of urgency

These are some of the most important tips mentioned in Google’s latest release of guidelines for its ad program.

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