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New ‘Contract for the Web’ Introduced: Google & Facebook Sign Up

By November 6, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google and Facebook, two of the largest Internet companies, have just signed up to the ‘contract for the web’ designed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of World Wide Web. Several other big businesses and the French government have signed this contract. The contract lays down new standards for all internet businesses to show more respect to data privacy. The standard also touches upon the topic of fake news and hate speech.

What is the New Web Contract?

The new web contract has been created to set higher-level principles to provide an open and free web to the world. It is focused on promoting both internet privacy and access. According to Sir Tim, the British engineer and computer scientist, the rights and freedom of online users have been under threat for some time. This has inspired him to create a new contract with stricter principles for all stakeholders with the power to improve it.

The World Wide Web Foundation has listed certain threats to the internet in its report. This includes the lack of access to over 50% of the global population. The focus is specifically on those living below the poverty line and women. Sir Tim founded this foundation and has been open about his thoughts that no company should be allowed to have control over the opinions shared on the web.

Companies that Signed the Web Contract

The new web contract has already been signed by almost 60 entities. This includes not just companies, but well known personalities and governments. Some of the well known entities in this list include Sir Richard Branson, former PM of UK Gordon Brown, Google, Facebook, and the French government.

The standards are expected to further evolve after consultations and can see more new members. Sir Tim has been a strong advocate of net neutrality and the updated contract may also include a related clause.

Code of Ethics

Sir Tim and the World Wide Web Foundation have released the contract as the code of ethics for internet companies to follow. The new standards are expected to drive more focus towards the user. It is also expected to increase the reach of the internet to more people. Adding new principles to the standards also means that the web can remain free, accessible to everyone, and protect everyone’s right to privacy. Berners-Lee and Adrian Lovett (CEO of the foundation) had met Facebook’s CEO earlier this year. They further expect to meet Google’s CEO.

The new web standards are expected to bring in more positive changes for everyone involved, including businesses. For more information about the latest updates in the world of digital marketing, it is recommended to visit