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New Design of Google AdWords Progresses One Step Further

By August 12, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Just a couple of months ago, Google had made an announcement that it was working on a new interface for AdWords. The update is here and the search giant has confirmed that the new UI is being rolled out to all its AdWords users.

Earlier Announcement

Google had made the announcement during its last Performance Summit. AdWords already received a major update to its UI in March this year.

Google AdWords hasn’t had a UI update for many years, but this week many users started noticing changes in their accounts. And Google itself has now confirmed the update.

Many users claimed that they found it difficult to locate certain features within the new UI. Many called this a big and ‘radical’ change!

Invites to Advertisers

Google’s earlier statement was that it will be a “new AdWords experience” through 2016 and 2017. The company will be inviting its advertisers and will seek feedback from them. Because the invite will be sent out based on certain factors, it will take some time before the new update reaches everyone.

An-Interface Only Change

The latest update to AdWords is restricted to UI design only. The product’s functionality will not be affected in any way.

The goal behind the update is to allow advertisers to easily reach across Google’s offerings including search, display, mobile, shopping, and video.

Google started revamping AdWords design back in March this year. Its goal, as it explained, was to introduce an easier-to-navigate UI across all types of devices.

Embracing Material Design

Material Design has been called to be the basic architecture at the core. Google has been using this design language across many of its apps. Gmail and Maps have already been updated on it.

The product management director of AdWords, Paul Feng, is at the centre of the development efforts. According to him, the redesign will be taking a year or more to complete. The process will include tests by all types of advertisers.

The first time Google released the redesign update, the Ad Schedule window showed clicks by time of day against each day of the week against scheduled ads.

The new update is expected of simplify AdWords further and extend Google’s Material Design across another one of its successful products.

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