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New Google & Bing Update: Sitemap Files Can Now be up to 50 MB

By December 2, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Your website’s sitemap has significant importance in your SEO efforts. Both Google and Bing have announced that they will be increasing the maximum allowed file size for sitemap files. The earlier limit was 10MB for both the search engines, and it has been increased to 50MB. This is a major boost for website owners, developers, and on-page SEO marketers.

Current Limits for Sitemap Files

Currently, most sitemaps are designed with maximum file limit of 10MB. Most of the time the limit is exceeded when the files have very long URLs. Many other times, the files have attributes that list too long additional URLs.

The search engines continue to support the same 50,000-URL limit per sitemap file. In its official tweet, Google Webmasters tweeted that both Google and Bing have updated their sitemaps protocols. Both sitemaps and indexes could be much larger than before.

Importance of Sitemaps in SEO

Sitemaps are important to your site’s SEO yet most publishers and marketers fail to realise their importance. Its importance in optimising a website is often underestimated.

As its name implies, it is the map of your website. It displays the complete structure of your site in a single page. It shows your site’s different sections and the links between them.

Sitemaps help make it easier for both search engines and visitors to navigate your site. Make sure your sitemap remains updated at all time. It works as an effective communication with Google, Bing and other search engines, allowing you to tell them the pages you want indexed. This is the very opposite of telling search engines which parts to skip in the robots.txt.

Benefits of Using Sitemaps

There are many benefits of using sitemaps, beyond that of making navigation simpler and improving visibility. You can use sitemaps to inform changes instantly to search engines. This will help in indexing any changes faster.

Make sure your sitemap has the following features:

  • It should show an easy-to-follow and quick overview of your website.
  • It should show your visitors how to reach the page where they want to go.
  • A sitemap should show the pathway for search engine spiders to follow.
  • It should provide textual links to all the pages on your site.
  • A sitemap makes use of your key keywords.

With the new update, Google and Bing have provided more flexibility about what you can do with your SEO. Make the most of the opportunity to optimise your website.

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