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New Google Feature Allows App Installation Directly from Android Mobile Search Results

By January 21, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google has rolled out a new feature for its Android app users, allowing them to install apps directly from their mobile search results. As the feature is being rolled out, it has not yet reached all users. Traditionally, users had to search and then go to the Google Play Store to be able to install the apps. Google now seems to be testing a bypass. It will not only make it easier for users to install an app, developers will also be able to see increase in the volume of downloads. It is believed that the new feature is only in the test phase. It is not sure if Google will be conducting this test on iOS in the near future.

Limited Rollout Feature

The new feature is not available to all users, but many mobile searchers on both sides of the Atlantic have claimed having noticed this change. You may also test it on your device by making a search for an app in the Google app. If the feature has reached you, you will see a permission popup seen just like in the Google Play Store. Then you will see a mini-Play Store frame to install the app.

It is expected that this feature will work only in Google app and not in Chrome. In fact, some users started noticing this change at least a month ago. But more users have started reporting it recently.

A Google spokesperson’s response on the subject was restricted to the words that they are “always experimenting with ways to provide best search results….”

There was no information as to how large the test group was or if the feature will be rolled out at a full-scale.

App Indexing

Google is always making attempts to improve search experience for its mobile users with regard to third-party apps. App indexing was a major breakthrough in this direction. Developers are now given the option to allow the search engine to index data within their apps, just like data/content on websites is indexed. App indexing allows users to search Google and land on a particular page within an app, instead of getting directed to the app’s website.

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