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There has been a series of updates across Google’s mobile and other platforms. The two most prominent updates have been seen on mobile product knowledge panels and Google Maps. Google has updated the product knowledge panels on mobile to display more information than ever. You will be able to see more product images, videos, review sources and Shopping ads.

Mobile Product Knowledge Panels Update

The search giant has updated the view of its product-based knowledge panels on mobile with more information in search results.

Some of the features noticed include:

  • Blue header
  • Fresh carousal with 3rd party editorial reviews
  • Separate tabs for stores and reviews
  • Details tab
  • Multiple product images

Thus, searchers will be able to find more information in the same place.

Reviews have been sourced from different sources. This includes:

  • Brands
  • Manufacturers
  • Merchants

It also displays editorial reviews against certain products based on its algorithm.

It was around four years ago the first time ads began to be shown in knowledge panel. The latest update has been released just before the shopping season begins.

Improved Google Maps UI

Another update has been noticed in the user interface of Google Maps. It has received additional colour-coding and fresh category icons. According to the search engine, the new changes to its app will make it easier to use, helping users find more relevant results in the form of destinations.

Colour Coding for Categories

Some of the new colour codes for different categories include:

  • Orange/gold – Food & drink
  • Lavender – Services
  • Royal blue – Shopping
  • Green – Outdoor activities & places
  • Turquoise – Entertainment

Google Maps will also highlight places that it finds to be more relevant to a searcher’s query. According to Google, the update will roll out gradually over a few weeks. It will affect all the products that fall under Maps, including Android Auto, Earth, Search, and Assistant.

The changes in user interface will also be noticed in 3rd party apps and sites relying on the API. Google Maps is a major product for the search giant.

Both these updates have been released right on the eve of the holiday shopping season. As searchers will be able to find more information, it will mean even better user experience. It is expected that Google will be releasing even more similar updates before this holiday season.

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