According to a latest study on local search engine results, organic ranking factors and reviews have been found to be extremely important. The study claims that there is a big connection between organic and local search algorithms. So if you want your websites and brands to rank high in local search results, you should know what factors matter more.

Most Important Local Search Result Factors

The two most important factors that influence local search results have been found to be:

  • Online reviews
  • Organic factors like keywords, links and anchor text among others

Google may be working to add more unique variables specific to its local search algorithm, the conventional organic SEO strategies continue to be highly effective when it comes to ranking locally.

Importance of Reviews

The study found that having your keyword and targeted city mentioned in your reviews has a big impact on Google My Business results. Even Google has accepted it in the past that reviews are an important ranking factor.

User engagement has also been found to be a valuable ranking factor. It can involve:

  • Spending hours engaging with users
  • Responding to customer reviews
  • Engaging with potential customers on reviews

On-page & Off-page Factors

The study also found that it is important to have the terms on your pages if you want those pages to rank in Google. The study claims that there has to be a big focus on your website to boost local SEO.

There is general perception that off-site factors and signals are gradually losing their importance over time. But the study found that reviews and citations on third-party sites are important.

Conclusion from the Study

The study concludes that you should follow these important strategies to boost your local SEO:

  • Lay strong SEO focus on your website and other owned assets
  • Certain factors in off-site strategies are still important
  • Reviews have huge importance to local SEO. It will be best to have the targeted keywords included in your reviews.

These factors are important for local SEO efforts. The study involved more than 100,000 local businesses and evaluated hundreds of ranking factors. Meta tags and mobile friendliness have also been found to be important to local SEO, as they are to your overall SEO strategy.

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