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New Research Findings: Search Engines are Still the Biggest Source for Finding Information

By November 22, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

In an age where Facebook hosts a staggering 2.27 billion active monthly users and Instagram trails it with its own count of 1 billion users, social media seems like the biggest thing happening out there. And there is no doubt about the high level of user engagement offered by the platform. Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many other platforms offer a level of engagement that every website craves for. Even in this era where an average user spends almost 2 hours on social networking sites, search engines continue to dominate the game. According to latest research, users invest their time and efforts more in search engines when they need to gather information.

What the latest report suggests is that while social media is getting big, search is far bigger and is the mainstay for everyone seeking to find important information.

Research Findings

The research study found that social media is used as great source for getting advice from people. But when it comes to getting important suggestions, search is more popular. The latest study shows that almost 97% of people who perform a search daily are going to use search engines.

  • More than 62% of millenials conduct at least 5 searches in a day
  • 68% of millenials performed all their daily searches on their mobile devices
  • 52% of all age-group users performed all their daily searches on their mobile devices

Millenials are usually considered to be most likely to move onto other information sources, but they continue to be as reliant on search engines as other age groups. In fact, millenials were found to be more likely to rely on search engines, to find information, compared to the age group of 35 to 64.

Where Does Voice Search Stand?

Voice search continues to be in its development stage. The research found that around 12% of users use voice search at least once per day. In fact, 36% of users are unique in that they haven’t yet tested voice search. This is surprising considering how big mobile search has become.

Another important finding has been the use of maps for finding directions. When it comes to finding address to a business or place, more mobile users are likely to use a maps app like Google Maps.

Thus, search continues to be the biggest thing out there when it comes to finding required information. For more information about the latest trends in the world of digital marketing, it is recommended to visit You can also find help from SEO experts to help create the perfect online marketing strategy.