Whether you are travelling to a city or heading out for a day teeing off on the greens, air quality is the last thing on your mind. Google is always expanding and air quality data in search results is the new big thing with the search engine. Search results can not just inform travellers the quality of the air, but also the level of the primary pollutant.


Search for “air quality in london” or any other city you want to visit, and Google will now display air quality rating for the city. The data is available on both desktops and mobile devices.

New Step towards Environmental Awareness

This is an initiative from the search engine that raises environmental awareness. Work on the project started some time ago when street view cars began to be used for collecting the data. But the project has now extended from the initial reliance on just a couple of companies in the U.S. and has now extended over to the global market.

Last year Google had claimed that the data could be used by the scientific community for assisting regulators and authorities in the identification of opportunities for improving air quality. With the data now getting released to the public through searches, it is going to help the general public (and even businesses and marketers).

Marketing Case Study

Here is an example of how a brand used environmental conditions for targeting ads and achieved noticeable success.

Studies show that the consumer is mobile like to purchase a solution when they feel the problem. A tissue paper brand experienced low sales in October of 2011 even when there were record high temperatures. The next year they revamped their marketing campaign. They use AdWords to target the campaign at locations where there was outbreak of flu. The outcome was over 40% growth in sales. This proved that context played an important role in the audiences’ buying decision.

Different types of businesses can use environmental factors to target potential customers and boost their CTR. According to studies, there are many factors that influence air pollution patterns, including:

  • Traffic on streets
  • High-traffic on highways
  • Weather patterns that can blow pollution to different areas

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