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New Survey Claims Local & Organic Search Most Effective for Local Businesses

By September 26, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

New Survey Claims Local & Organic Search Most Effective for Local Businesses 1

A new survey covering 477 respondents from across the world shows that local search is the most effective channel for local businesses. These respondents included search agencies, search consultants, small business owners and web designers. The survey was conducted by BrightLocal, a leading search knowledge and Internet data agency that serves Internet and large media businesses across the UK, Europe, and Asia. The new survey was named Local Clicks & Calls, and it asked local businesses and search marketers the digital marketing channels they thought to be most effective. The respondents answered with regard to the digital marketing channels that helped them generate the highest amount of traffic, quality leads, telephone calls, and ROI. The results show that local SEO is still the winner.

Objective Behind the Digital Marketing Survey

Google Analytics has long been the primary source of data for understanding the ROI on digital marketing channels. But the data has always been considered to be incomplete. Besides, it cannot track the conversions taking place offline. The 477 respondents chosen for the survey have had optimised over 8,200 locations over the past 1 year.

Local SEO Findings

The survey recorded the following findings with regard to local SEO:

  • Most of the time and effort of local businesses, search marketing agencies and web designers is spent on local and organic SEO.
  • Lesser amount of time and effort is spent on mobile marketing, display advertising, and email marketing.

Local and organic SEO are the most invested digital marketing strategies because of their long-term nature. It is also because they involve extensive and time-consuming tactics.

ROI Findings

The survey also found that local and organic search offered the best ROI to the respondents. Digital marketers and local businesses said that SEO offered them better ROI than social media marketing, Bing ads, and display ads.

Local and organic search engine optimisation help businesses put their brand and products in front of targeted users who are looking for their products/services. According to the survey company, similar results in ROI trends were noted last year too, which shows that SEO continues to be on the top of everyone’s mind.

According to the survey, Google AdWords showed a slight increase in terms of effectiveness over the last year. It was also found that SEO delivered the highest quality of leads among all digital marketing channels. To a local business, the quality of leads is more important than the quantity of leads. Local/organic SEO helps put your brand in front of the potential buyers at the moment they are looking for your product. This helps in improving conversion. Thus, the amount of time and effort dedicated to your SEO campaigns is more effective, in every way possible, compared to most other digital marketing strategies.

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